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Visiting Scholars Program

As a leading grassland research institution in the U.S., Kansas State University hosts unparalleled long term studies into the dynamics of tallgrass prairie ecosystems. With an emphasis on conservation, management, and sustainable ecological responses to global envoironmental change, the grasslands of Kansas and IGS provide unique insight into the functioning and biodiversity of grasslands, the dominant ecosystems supporting human sustenance and agricultural economies worlwide. The Konza Prairie Biological Station, a 3487 hectare area of native tallgrass prairie in the Flint Hills of northeastern Kansas39.05 degrees N and 96.35 degrees W) is located approximately 13 km south of Manhattna, KS. KPBS is owned by the NAture Conservancy and Kansas State University and operated as a field station by the K-State Division of Biology, and it provides the context for IGS research along with projects representing 14 KSU department, over 60 visiting scientists and students from the U.S. and abroad, and multiple national and international environmental research organizations.


The IGS is seeking to host international scientists who would like to partner with us by completing a long term visit to the flint hills and our research facilities!

As a part of this rich tradition in quality research, the IGS provides an exceptional opportunity for international scientists and Post-Doc students to experience the professional interaction that K-State has to offer while conducting research in the unique ecology of this region. Interested individuals should contact the institute at