Institute for


Grassland Studies

Field Course Abroad: Summer 2011


Field Course Abroad: Summer 2009

Ecology of African Savannas

(BIOL 697)

Locations: Botswana, South Africa

Course Dates: May 26- July19

Travel Dates: May 31-June 21

Estimated Program Cost Per Student: $4,020-$2,230 (grant support est.) = $1780

Course Description:

Study of the natural history, ecology, and conservation of grassland and savanna ecosystems, with a focus on Africa. Topics include savanna/grassland origin and distribution, biodiversity, vegetation ecology, wildlife populations, plant-animal interactions, human-environment interactions, and current conservation issues including climate change, natural resource management, land use and cover change, fire ecology, wildlife conservation, invasive species, and sustainable use. The course will include introductory orientation sessions during the spring semester, 3 weeks of lecture, readings, and discussion on campus, and 3 weeks of travel and field study in southern Africa.


Dr. David Hartnett, Professor

Division of Biology, 104 Ackert Hall