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Graduate School

Registered Organizations

The following groups are registered with GSC and considered to be
active groups as of September 2013:

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Agronomy Graduate Student Association (AGSA)
Animal Science & Industry
Apparel and Textiles Graduate Student Organization
Biology GSA
Business Administration Graduate Student Association
Civil Engineering GSC
Education GSO
Gamma Theta Upsilon (Beta Psi Chapter) - Geography
Graduate Association of Psychology Students- GAPS
Graduate Nuclear or Mechanical Engineering - GNOMES
Graduate Physics Student Association
Graduate Students in Agricultural Economics – GSAE
Graduate Students in Economics- GSE
Grain Science Graduate Student Organization
Graduate Students of Color - HUES
HMD Graduate Club
Horticulture Graduate Student Association
Meat Science Association
Music Masters Student Group
Nepalese Student Association
Organization of Political Science Public Administration and Security Studies
Phi Lambda Upsilon-Chemistry
Plant Pathology Graduate Student Club
Popenoe Entomology
Student Affairs Graduate Association - SAGA
Student Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects
The Colombian Association of Kansas State  University
Vet Med

Register now

To register your group with the Graduate Student Council, fill out the online registration form.