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Graduate School

2016 Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Small Research Grant Recipients

Degree and Program
Project Title
Award Amount 
Trias MahmudionoPh.D., Human NutritionNutrition Education for Overweight/Obese Mother with Stunted Children (NEO-MOM)$750
Erik GarciaPh.D., PsychologyMetabotropic glutamate receptors and the incubation of drug craving$500
David ArndtPh.D., PsychologyRole of HDAC Inhibition and Environmental Condition in Altering Phases of Amphetamine Self-Administration$500
Brittany HollerbachMS, KinesiologyThe First 20 Exercise Training Program and Fire Academy Recruits’ Fitness and Health$1000
Stephanie KurtiPh.D., Human EcologyDoes physical activity status modify airway oxidative stress associated with aging?$1000
David KayeMS, Mass CommunicationsSame Song, New Dance: Analyzing Market Structure and Competition in the Digital Music Aggregation Industry$750
Myra HoltMFA, PhotographyWindows on Time$1000
Erin SchwantMS, Family Studies and Human ServicesInter-Individual Differences in Regulatory Strategies in Infancy$500
Parker RuskampProfessional Masters, Master of Landscape ArchitectureInvestigating Stress Triggers and Characteristics of the Built Environment$750
Kelly YarbroughMFA, DrawingMFA Thesis Spring 2016$750
Elizabeth MusokePh.D., Environmental Design and PlanningUnderstanding the Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation Practices in the Mara River Basin, Kenya$1000
Brian AndersonMA, MusicologyAfro-Cuban Percussion: Its Roots and Uses in Orchestral Percussion$750
Jared SickmannProfessional Masters, Master of Landscape ArchitectureParkingScape: Implementing Portable Landscapes to Enhance Aggieville's Streetscape$750