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ASAP Traning needed for graduate students

Almost 800 graduate students have a registration hold on their KSIS account for failure to complete the mandatory Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) Training.  All K-State students must complete the training annually between July 1- June 30.   The Office of Student Life has sent multiple emails to these students reminding them about the requirement to complete the online ASAP training and will be sending another email this week.   The ASAP Training called “Think About It” takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  Should graduate students have questions about ASAP they can call KSU Health Promotions at (785) 532-6595.   Should the sexual violence education portion of the training trigger concerns, students should contact the KSU Care for Advocacy, Response and Education at

(785-532-6444) or email KSUCARE@ksu.edu.