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GRA/GTA/GA Health Insurance

The Kansas State Employees Health Care Commission offers a student health insurance plan for Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA), and Graduate Assistants (GA). At the election of the student employee, coverage may also include dependents.

To be eligible for the GRA/GTA/GA student health insurance plan, including an employer contribution, an eligible student employee must first meet both of the following conditions:

  • the student employee is enrolled in the student health care benefits component of the state health care benefits program, and
  • the student is appointed for the current semester to a GRA, GTA, or GA position or some combination of the three, that is at least a .5 FTE appointment.

By design, this is a prepaid health insurance plan which means the semester premiums are paid in advance at the time of applying for coverage.

For more information please visit Human Capital Services.

Semester open enrollment period
FallAugust 1 - 31
SpringJanuary 1 - 31
SummerJune 1 - 30