Welcome To K-State's Guide to Personal Success Program! 

Your guide, your success.

GPS is K-State First's first-year mentoring program. This program matches K-State faculty/staff/graduate students/alumni with first-year K-State students. The intended purpose of a Guide (mentor) is to serve as a professional point of reference throughout the student's first year at K-State. Guides do not replace academic advisors. Rather, they will share information outside of academics and class selection.

Guides are here to share their knowledge of campus resources and to provide support and feedback as needed. We ask that students and their Guides connect at least three times per semester. Enjoying lunch in the residence halls, grabbing coffee at the library and bowling at the union are all examples of how Mentees and Guides have connected throughout the first year.

The GPS program is free to join. Simply 'connect' with your guide at least three times each semester and you are considered an active GPS member! GPS Guides and Mentees are also invited to monthly GPS sponsored 'connect' events that they can attend.

Listen to what current mentees and guides are saying about their GPS experience!

"The GPS program organizes fun events that offer me a chance to catch up with my mentees at locations on campus that I might not otherwise carve out time to visit. Getting to know the students and getting to know K-State's amenities makes being a GPS mentor doubly rewarding."

Sarah Hoyt
Undergraduate specialist at Hale Library and GPS mentor

"The GPS program is the best thing K-State could do for first-year students. I'm glad I have someone I can trust to be a great resource and friend on campus."

Taylor Harmon
English major and GPS mentee
Americus, Kansas