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Governmental Relations

Federal Relations Committee

The Federal Relations Committee at K-State works with Congressional members, committee staff, and agencies to generate support for and increase knowledge of K-State in Washington, D.C.

Their mission is to promote K-State's research activities in an effort to increase federal support for the campus and coordinate with others in the higher education community to advocate for increased federal support of higher education.

The next Federal Initiatives trip to Washington, D.C. is scheduled for April 21-23, 2015.

Provost and Senior Vice PresidentDr. April Masonmasona@ksu.edu
Vice President for ResearchDr. Karen Burgkjburg@k-state.edu
Vice President for Administration and FinanceCindy Bontragercab@ksu.edu
Associate Vice President for ResearchDr. Jim Guikemaguikema@ksu.edu
Director of Governmental RelationsDr. Sue Petersonskp@ksu.edu
Assistant to the Director of Governmental RelationsKristin Holtkristinh@ksu.edu
Legislative AssistantBen Brownbpbrown@ksu.edu
Legislative AssistantGarrett Kayskgkays@ksu.edu