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Governmental Relations

Committee on Governmental Issues (8020)

The 8020 Committee on Governmental Issues is a campus-wide group that brings together constituents from across the University. The specific charge of the Committee is listed below.

  • To communicate with campus constituencies on issues regarding the Kansas Legislature and Kansas Higher Education
  • The committee will design and coordinate advocacy efforts on behalf of university stakeholders
  • Report to the President of the University
  • Membership


The color purple was prominent and plentiful February 18th as students, faculty, university support staff and alumni gather in Topeka to celebrate the institution they love. Held annually, Cats in the Capitol celebrates K-State’s birthday and recognizes the dedication of state leaders to Kansas State University and higher education. Representatives from all three campuses including the Alumni Association, Kansas State Research and Extension, K-State Athletics, all nine academic colleges and the Foundation, where available to answer questions and share the positive and exciting changes that are currently taking place on campus.

K-State representatives personally invited each elected official to visit our displays set up around the rotunda to stay updated on current advancements in each area of the university. A highlight of the day was serving nearly 1,000 cups of K-State ice cream to elected officials, legislative staff and visitors as a way to thank them for their continued support to Kansas State. 


             Cody Serving Ice Cream  Ice cream rush

                                Students with Willie

       Wille with Guests   Arts and Sciences Students with Legislators


Recognition of Wildcat Caucus

In January, sixteen K-Staters headed to Topeka for the annual Recognition of the Wildcat Caucus.  Each year, K-State gives our alumni, who are newly elected, K-State name plaques in celebration of their commitment to Kansas State University and dedication to serving the State of Kansas.  This year, we presented ten new legislators their name plaques.  Additionally, all of our alumni received a plaque commemorating K-State's 150th birthday as a symbol of our appreciation

nameplate 2         nameplate 1

Upcoming Events 

December 18:
Winter Break Begins

January 8: Legislative Session Begins

January 18: Regents Higher Ed Day

September 20, 2017-August 1, 2018
- Artistry and Innovation Exhibit at KBOR