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Global Teacher

K-State Global Campus

1615 Anderson Avenue
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

1-800-622-2578 (toll free)

What Students Are Saying

"I acquired not only academic instruction but also respect for other culture and people. This experience is unique. It helps you to be independent, responsible and a better teacher." - Virginia Guerrero
Cohort 5 activity“Being part of this program has provided me with useful strategies as well as educational tools which will support my work as an educator.”  - Jehny Espinoza
Professionally, I can assure [you] that I will become a more reflective teacher, trying to observe my students and document all their progress.”  - Nydia Acosta

"Personally, I met valuable friends and professors with whom I share beautiful moments and learned to value our cultural differences. Professionally, I learned innovative teaching strategies that will guide my instruction in Ecuador."  - Maricela Aguilar
"Learning is an endless process. Through the knowledge and comprehension that we have acquired here in KSU we can improve our teaching and help students to be successful in their learning process." - Program participant


“I feel more confident about my skills as an English teacher…As a professional, I believe that I feel stronger, with more positive energy and well prepared to put in practice what I have learned.” - Martha Zambrano"
The ELP program and CIMA guided us to be not only better human beings but also better professionals. Thanks to all people who are part of KSU.” - Marcelo Moreno
"Our students’ lives are in our hands. It is the time; we have the knowledge and the government support to improve our teaching practice for the whole society [to] benefit. Go teachers, we can do it!" - Noemi Remache Carrillo
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