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Global Teacher

K-State Global Campus

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Global Teacher

Kansas State University Global Teacher is an innovative model for training and improving the English skills of teachers around the globe.

The Global Teacher model provides short-term, intensive learning experiences for students. It emphasizes collaboration by bringing together the key elements and programs on the Kansas State University campus to ensure student success.


Three units at Kansas State University partner to offer the key elements for Global Teacher:

English Language Program (ELP)
Housed in K-State’s Office of International Programs, ELP provides a firm foundation of English language skills for participants to use as they teach and interact in English.

Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy (CIMA)
Part of K-State’s College of Education, CIMA offers teaching methodologies courses for program participants to provide the tools they need to be highly effective teachers in their own classrooms at home.

Kansas State University Global Campus
K-State Global Campus provides cultural and leadership support for participants, as well as logistical coordination such as housing, transportation and insurance coordination.


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