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November 2015 News  

Food safety expert offers tips for safely reheating and storing Thanksgiving leftovers
Wondering what to do will Thanksgiving leftovers? A Kansas State University Olathe food safety expert offers several storing and safety tips that are designed to keep Thanksgiving leftovers filled with flavor rather than a foodborne illness.

Study finds High Plains Aquifer peak use by state, overall usage decline
A new Kansas State University study finds that the over-tapping of the High Plains Aquifer's groundwater beyond the aquifer's recharge rate peaked in 2006. Its use is projected to decrease by roughly 50 percent in the next 100 years.

Avoid a recipe for disaster with properly cooked food this Thanksgiving, expert says
A Kansas State University food safety expert shares some food preparation tips for home cooks that will ensure guests pile their plates with safe food dishes and forgo a side of food poisoning.

Holiday foods: Homemade and mail order gifts are welcome
If you plan to send gifts of food to family and friends this holiday season, don't take a chance on your food going to waste. Pack it safely, mark it clearly and be sure to notify the receiver of its expected delivery date. That's the advice of Londa Nwadike, assistant professor of food science at Kansas State University.

Kansas Health Foundation supports K-State's Rural Grocery Initiative
K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development has received a $328,000 grant from the Kansas Health Foundation to support the center's rural food access work.

Holiday foods: Heeding the labels on food gifts
A Kansas State University food safety specialist provides tips

$4.2 million NSF grant helps biologist gather large-scale river measurements
Walter Dodds, university distinguished professor of biology, is part of a collaborative five-year, $4.2 million National Science Foundation project to better understand how climate change affects river systems.

Kansas State University swine researchers say feeding amino acids cuts costs, benefits environment
Kansas State University researchers are discovering more about how adding amino acids to swine feed helps the animal grow safely while reducing producer's costs and a farm's environmental impact.

Kansas State University, Iowa State University improving feed efficiency in swine herds
Kansas State University researchers are making steady progress in developing improved diets for pigs, a science so exact that a 1 percent improvement in feeding efficiency can translate into $100 million of added profit to the U.S. swine industry.