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March 2015 News   


Researchers part of new grant project targeting food, physical activity systems impact on child obesity prevention
David Dzewaltowski, professor of kinesiology, and Ric Rosenkranz, associate professor of human nutrition, will provide leadership in community-based research design and evaluation of the evidence-based SWITCH program offered through school-wellness coalitions. The project takes aim at childhood obesity. The work is supported through a grant to Iowa State University from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative.

Food safety specialist hopes new tracking strategy will lead to better intervention
KA Kansas State University food safety specialist says a new federal partnership to monitoring foodborne illness is a promising approach.

Researchers develop detailed genetic map of world wheat varieties
Researchers have produced the first haplotype map of wheat that provides detailed description of genetic differences in a worldwide sample of wheat lines. This is an important foundation for future improvements in wheat around the world.

University develops detection test for subclinical mastitis in dairy cows
Kansas State University researchers have developed a nanotechnology platform that positively identifies mastitis in dairy cattle earlier and for less cost than current technologies on the market. Mastitis is a disease that inflames and hardens the udder tissue of dairy cows, reducing milk production and altering milk composition. It is the most common disease in U.S. dairy cattle and costs the U.S. dairy industry more than $2 billion annually in losses.

A Growing Interest in Forage Sorghum
A K-State Research and Extension agent discusses how continued research on sorghum could help cattle producers diversify their feedstuffs.

Kansas State, General Mills allot $400,000 to develop new wheat varieties
Kansas State University officials are hailing a recent partnership with food giant General Mills as a win-win proposition that ultimately will benefit the state's farmers and consumers worldwide.

Poultry expert says avian influenza strain not harmful to humans or poultry products
A Kansas State University poultry specialist explains why humans don't need to worry about H5N2 avian influenza getting them sick or contaminating their food.

Advancements in crop genomics using high-throughput phenotyping
Kansas State University, University of Arizona and USDA-ARS collaborate to train scientists and students in field phenomics.

Irish beef now available in U.S. for first time in 15 years
Trade and agricultural experts from Kansas State University say this "green beef" could open the door for trade agreements with other countries in the European Union.

Poultry owners should be vigilant in watching for signs of avian influenza
A poultry specialist provides information about the disease.

University agricultural economist following avian influenza developments
Poultry bans by overseas buyers could weigh on pork and beef, as well as poultry prices.

Nutritional guidelines recommendations: Less meat, more veggies
Two university specialists, focused on human nutrition and meat science respectively, weigh in on what the new recommendations mean for consumers.

NBAF-focused research enters third year at university's BRI, research transition underway
Kansas State University's Biosecurity Research Institute, or BRI, is in the third year of a seven-year, $35 million grant from the state of Kansas. The funding supports the development and transition of several National Bio and Agro-defense Facility-centric research projects as well as training and workforce development.

Meat and poultry recalls: What food firms and investors should know
A Kansas State University study used stock market prices to determine costs of recalls to food firms and what recall factors are most impactful economically.

Nutritionist shares how to shop inexpensively without compromising nutrition
Kansas State University nutritionist gives tips on finding the most nutritious food at the dollar store.

NBAF construction projected for May, to be completed in 2020​
Construction on the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility, or NBAF, is projected to begin in May and will be completed in December 2020.