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July 2014 News

Culinary historian says Americans have long celebrated Fourth of July with food
July 2, 2014,  News and Communication Services
Food and the Fourth of July have long been an American tradition, according to Jane Marshall, a culinary historian and food writing instructor at Kansas State University.

Dietitian shares tip to keep the Fourth from adding five to your waistline
July 3, 2014, News and Communication Services
Kansas State University dietitian Amber Howells says enjoy your Fourth of July food favorites — in moderation.

University, community partners set groundbreaking ceremony for Bulk Solids Innovation Center
July 8, 2014, News and Communication Services
A groundbreaking ceremony for the Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center will be 9:30 a.m. Thursday, July 10, in the 600 block of North Front Street in Salina. The center will be the first of its kind in North America.

Drought and poor wheat harvest in Kansas has effects on national economy, says climatologist
July 10, 2014, News and Communication Services
The anticipated record low wheat harvest in Kansas will affect food availability and the national economy, says a Kansas State University climatologist.

Video: Groundbreaking new test for E. coli in beef cattle
July 10, 2014, K-State Research and Extension
Roundtable interview with researchers. From the College of Veterinary Medicine: T.G. Naragaja, Jianfa Bai and Lance Noll report on the new genetic test they've developed to detect E. coli bacteria in beef cattle. It is a major breakthrough that could save the beef industry millions of dollars annually.

Scientists complete chromosome-based draft of the wheat genome
July 17, 2014, News and Communication Services
Scientists have completed a chromosome-based draft sequence of the bread wheat genome as well as the first reference sequence of chromosome 3B, the largest chromosome in wheat. The full genome sequence is anticipated to be available in three years. 

Researcher using next-generation sequencing, other new methods to rapidly identify pathogens
July 28, 2014, News and Communication Services
Benjamin Hause, an assistant research professor at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Kansas State University, recently published an article about one of his discoveries, porcine enterovirus G, which is an important find for the U.S. swine industry.

Proposed rule could enhance tracking of ground beef sources
July 30, 2014, K-State Research and Extension
A Kansas State University meat scientist discusses the implications for the proposed rule at the retail level, and also how it could affect beef producers, packers and consumers.

Study finds benefits to burning Flint Hills prairie in fall and winter
July 31, 2014, News and Communication Services
A new study looks at 20 years of data concerning the consequences of burning Flint Hills prairie at different times of the year. It finds that burning outside of the current late spring time frame has no measurable negative consequences for the prairie, and in fact, may have multiple benefits.