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January 2016 News  

Study: Growing produce in high tunnels reduces losses, extends shelf life
Researchers at Kansas State University Olathe are reporting reduced losses and longer shelf life in produce grown in high tunnels, compared to open fields.

Convenience for families: Experts share healthy slow-cooker tips
The slow cooker offers way to incorporate many ingredients that are packed with nutrients.

Diagnostic research, vaccine work are key to controlling Zika virus outbreak
Biosecurity Research Institute director says research is crucial to combating the mosquito-borne virus.

Engineering extension awarded grant for energy-related services
University partners with the Kansas Corporate Commission to offer no-cost energy audits and more to small businesses and agriculture producers.

NSF CAREER award supports researcher's cyber-physical systems work
Pavithra Prabhakar's research will help to develop better transportation, health care and energy systems.

Emojis may help reduce waste by measuring kids' emotional response to food
Sensory analysis researchers at Kansas State University Olathe believe the icons may reduce the amount of food thrown away during school lunches.

Kansas State University ranks No. 25 in 'best value' food science degree program
College Values Online publishes the list, which considers tuition, financial aid, return on investment and number of degrees offered.

NSF awards grant extension to continue develop of high-throughput measurement of plant traits
The National Science Foundation has given a big thumbs up to Kansas State University research on determining the most promising plant traits to help increase food production.

Season of giving extends past holidays: Food donations needed year-round
The Super Bowl of Caring encourages youth to support people in their local communities.

Coffee sensory dictionary developed at Kansas State University
Coffee lovers around the world are being helped by a sensory research 'dictionary' developed by staff in the Sensory Analysis Center at Kansas State University.

Kansas State University veterinary swine diagnosticians are first to characterize parainfluenza virus
Researchers in the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory have successfully published the first formal identification and characterization of porcine parainfluenza virus 1 from U.S. pigs, which had previously only been detected in Asia.

High-quality bread wheat reference genome sequence on horizon, would help feed world
Kansas State University wheat researcher Jesse Poland leads a project to produce an improved genome assembly of bread wheat, the most widely grown cereal crop in the world.

New NDV-H5Nx avian influenza vaccine has potential for mass vaccination of poultry
A team of researchers has a developed a vaccine that protects poultry from multiple strains of avian influenza found in the U.S., including H5N1, H5N2 and H5N8.

Wichita effort is part of national initiative to reduce food waste (KMUW, NPR Radio)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture are in partnership with a Wichita program that has donated nearly 1 million pounds of food that otherwise would have gone to landfills.