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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
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December 2015 News  

Research develops breakthrough technology to address PRRS
A team of researchers at Kansas State University, the University of Missouri and a global biotechnology company has developed pigs that are resistant to the most devastating disease in the swine industry.

K-State researcher seeks new ways to battle Johnsongrass
Michael Smith is part of a five-year, $4.8 million research project to find genetic material in Johnsongrass that could help improve grain sorghum's tolerance of the noxious weed.

Kansas State University researchers develop method for higher purity in wheat flour
A new test developed by Kansas State University researchers helps millers assure wheat flour purity.

Kansas State University diagnostic research team discovers novel pestivirus affecting swine
A pestivirus affecting swine has been discovered by Kansas State University researchers, who also have developed diagnostic tests to identify it.