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April 2016 News  

K-State's Rural Grocery Initiative announces fifth National Rural Grocery Summit
The 5th national rural grocery summit will be held June 6-7 in Wichita.

Engineering research project may allow future consumers to 'buy and sell' electricity
Real-time pricing may make roof-top solar energy more enticing to homeowners.

U.S.-China Center for Animal Health selects Chinese students for pre-vet studies at Kansas State University
Students from Sichuan Agricultural University to begin studies in Fall, 2016.

Gardening: One activity, many benefits
Whether for fun or food, it's important to get the most out of the experience.

Giving high school students life lessons in business, food production and philanthropy
Grains for Hope is reality at one Kansas high school.

Study: Higher concentrations of zinc improves cattle feed efficiency
Feeding trials indicate that supplementing zinc to finishing cattle diets could result in an increase of $25 in total carcass value.

Agriculture leads: Kansas State University's College of Agriculture continues to help sustain the university and state's largest industry
Dean John Floros presented his third annual State of the College of Agriculture address April 5.

Kansas State University wheat in-depth diagnostic school set for May 17-18
Colby is the site for research updates and field demonstrations.

U.S.-China Center for Animal Health selects new Chinese students pre-vet studies
Program prepares students for admission to universities that are partners in the program.

9 things to know about animal vaccine development from Kansas State University experts
Three Kansas State University scientists share nine things you need to know about animal vaccine development.

Biologists find key to myxoma virus/rabbit coevolution
Biologists find a molecular explanation for myxoma virus/rabbit coevolution in Australia.

High school students help feed hungry people with 'Grains for Hope'
Sabetha students prepare nutritious food for people in Mozambique

Kansas State University part of $317 million research partnership
Initiative seeks technological revolutions in fibers and textiles

Producers battle herd health issues following SC Kansas wildfire
Anderson Creek fire burned approximately 400,000 acres March 22-25

Kansas State University staking claim as pet food research leader
Pet food contributes $7 billion to Kansas economy

Cover Crop Field Day set for May 13 at K-State HB Ranch near Hays
Researchers will discuss cover crop management options in dryland wheat-based systems.

Weak Internet connectivity in rural areas hindering agricultural production
Slow Internet speeds make data difficult to transfer in the field.