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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
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April 2015 News  

Kansas State University awards $500,000 to boost global food systems research by faculty
Kansas State University has awarded $500,000 to faculty who are taking on some of the world's food challenges created by a rapidly increasing population.

Researchers suggest ways to develop healthy eating habits in a child — start early and eat your vegetables
Nutrition professors discuss how to develop healthy eating choices in children. A sidebar outlines what children should eat. 

DDGS plus salt as a self-fed supplement boosted cattle gains and curbed indirect expenses
A recent Kansas State University study found that providing growing cattle with dried distillers grains, or DDGS, plus salt on a self-feeding basis while the animals grazed native pastures helped boost average daily weight gain without the indirect expenses linked to daily delivery such as fuel and labor.

Kansas Corn Planting Will Soon Move into High Gear, but Drought Persists
Mary Knapp, assistant climatologist with the Kansas Weather Data Library based at Kansas State University, discusses how weather has affected corn planting in Kansas.