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Global Food Systems


News and Communication Services and K-State Research and Extension develop Kansas State University-centric stories that relate to the Global Food Systems Initiative. Visit our news archives for more about Kansas State University's role in global food systems. 

Recent news

Feedlot nutritionist 'boot camp' preps grad students for careers in feedlot industry
Students get intensive training from veterinarians, nutritionists and industry professionals

Kansas State Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory now processing samples for Gold Standard labs
Lab provides bovine testing services to veterinarians and cattle producers nationwide

K-State faculty participate in White House Summit on Global Development
President Obama headlines Summit to discuss world hunger and nutrition

K-State's Risk and Profit conference set for Aug. 18-19 in Manhattan
Highlights include economist William Tierney, plus Lee and Margaret Scheufler

Preserving fresh food? New resources available in English and Spanish
Freeze now to have great-tasting produce later

Project looks at how temperature affects food safety of school lunches
Researchers seek ways to improve safety of leftover food in schools, child care centers

Veterinary researcher receives NIH grant for vaccine development against E. coli
Grant marks third in three years for K-State professor of microbiology

Study looks at wild amphibians as possible zoonotic disease hosts
K-State veterinary team probes whether wild amphibians could be hosts for infectious diseases

K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab finds lead poisoning a problem in cattle
Lead poisoning is the most common poisoning in cattle that the lab has seen


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