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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
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About the series

The Henry C. Gardiner Global Food Systems Lecture Series was established in 2015  to present educational, thought-provoking information to the public at Kansas State University.

The series features innovative leaders in

  • food and agriculture,
  • protein production,
  • policy,
  • private industry, and
  • government.

Since approximately 1 percent of Americans are involved in agriculture, the lectures will focus on educating the majority of a population unfamiliar with the challenges to ensure safe, nutritious, affordable, high-quality and plentiful food.


Henry C. Gardiner

This series is named after a visionary leader in the U.S. cattle industry and a graduate of Kansas State University.

Henry C. Gardiner has dedicated his career to improving the beef industry through the use of science and technology. As an animal science student at Kansas State, Henry learned the value of embracing emerging technology, such as artificial insemination (AI). Gardiner's intellectual curiosity and passion to produce better beef led to his eventual commitment to make documented genetic improvements in Angus cattle through AI and embryo transfer. Today, with that commitment still firmly part of its philosophy, Gardiner Angus Ranch in Ashland, Kan. is one of the largest registered Angus seedstock operations in America.

It is the goal of the next generation of the Gardiner family to honor Henry's intellectual curiosity and commitment to the production of safe, affordable and high quality beef with this new lecture series.


Gardiner Angus Ranch

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a family-owned and operated business that produces registered and commercial Angus cattle. The original ranch was homesteaded near Ashland, Kan. in 1865 by Henry Gardiner's grandfather. Today, the ranch encompasses more than 46,000 acres. The operation sells approximately 2,000 bulls and 1,500 registered and commercial females a year.

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a founding member of U.S. Premium Beef, the producer-owned limited liability corporation with minority ownership in National Beef, the nation's fourth largest beef processing company. By providing access to a proven value-added processing system through the ranch's delivery rights, customers have received more than $5 million in premiums and dividends.


Henry C. Gardiner GFS Lecture Series