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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
Kansas State University
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People and programs at Kansas State University talking points

  • Kansas State University is uniquely qualified to provide science, technology and education throughout the food system.

  • In 2013, Kansas State University received $27.2 million for three new labs that will provide research, education and outreach in developing countries. The labs will focus on wheat; sorghum and millet; and reducing postharvest food losses.

  • Kansas State University is mapping the wheat genome, a project that will help wheat breeders worldwide to develop higher-quality varieties that are more resistant to pest, disease and weather losses.

  • Kansas State University is studying water use in the Ogallala Aquifer, which lies below the top 8 Kansas counties for agricultural production. Together, these countries annually sell more than $4.7 billion in crops and livestock.

  • Many Kansas State University programs work to bring state, national and international groups to campus where they learn the newest research and education related to most effectively growing, handling and providing food.