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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
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Agricultural R&D talking points

  • In 2008, the total global investment in agricultural research and development was nearly $50 billion. The public sector accounted for 79 percent of this investment and the private sector for 21 percent, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute. The most recent year for reliable data is 2008.
  • Most private sector research was conducted in developed countries and focused on commercial farmers in well-developed regions while the public sector focused on improving staple crops in developing nations. 
  • Public investments in agricultural research and development worldwide grew from $16 billion in 1981 to more than $26 billion in 2000 and to nearly $32 billion in 2008. 
  • China and India are two of the biggest public drivers in funding agricultural research and development. In 2008, China and India spent a combined $6.1 billion on agricultural research and development — up from a combined $3.4 billion in 2000. Other countries that significantly increased their spending include Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria and Russia.