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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems
Kansas State University
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Tell your story

Media training for Kansas State University experts

The news media wants to tell great stories from Kansas State University. And many of our faculty members have great stories to tell.

Telling your story, ultimately, benefits the university and your program because new opportunities often arise when more people know what you do. Plus, the public wants to know more about what the university is doing to help their community, and legislators and other funders are keenly interested in how money is being spent.

But talking to the media "on the cuff" can sometimes feel scary or intimidating.

When you are confident in working with media, you tell your story most effectively. Members of the Global Food Systems communications team can help you prepare for interviews and other interactions with media. We can help you:

  • Practice and simplify your message;
  • Feel comfortable when sitting in front of a camera;
  • Redirect a leading question to your key points;
  • and more.

Contact us at GlobalFood@k-state.edu or call 785-532-3900 to learn more or to schedule a training session.