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Education and Training

Students in Kansas State University programs learn from renowned faculty in facilities unparalleled in sophistication. Increase your expertise at K-State, and you're on a path to make your mark in the global food system. K-State is the only university where you can earn undergraduate and master’s certificates and degrees in food science and related areas from a distance.

If you work in the food system, K-State is your connection to advanced specialization or certification — continuing education and training taught on-campus, on-site or online.

Academic Credit Programs and Courses

Agricultural Communications and Journalism

The ACJ program is a nationally known undergraduate degree program.

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education is a major with diverse opportunities that usually provides students with job opportunities even before graduation.

Agricultural Education and Communications Master's Program

The Master's program offers the opportunity for professionals in the area to broaden their knowledge through both distance learning and on-campus work.

Beef Cattle Feedlot Management Certificate

The certificate program provides opportunities for practical application of scientific knowledge to feedlot health and management issues.

Beef Cattle Ranch Management Certificate

The certificate program provides opportunities for application of scientific knowledge to beef cattle production, health and management issues.

Entomology Graduate Programs

The graduate program is internationally recognized and offers a wide variety of opportunities for graduate study.

Food Safety and Defense Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate is offered through the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance.

Food Science Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate offers the opportunity to expand knowledge in the field of food science.

Food Science Master's Degree Program

The Master's Degree Program provides many research opportunities in the field of food science.

Food Science PhD Degree Program

The PhD Degree Program provides a variety of research opportunities in the field of food science.

Food Science Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program is certified by the Institute of Food Technologists.

Grain Science and Industry Graduate Program

This department has an internationally recognized graduate program, with study offered in areas of both applied and basic research.

Grain Science and Industry Undergraduate Program

The program is the only program in the nation that offers highly demanded degrees in Bakery Science & Management, Feed Science and Management, and Milling Science and Management.

Horticulture Food Crops Undergraduate Program

This program offers the opportunity to study different specializations, including fruit and vegetable production, greenhouse and nursery management, horticulture science, landscape design, landscape management, sports turf operations management and golf course management.

Hospitality Management and Dietetics Graduate Program

This is a nationally and internationally recognized program that allows students to tailor a graduate school experience which meets their personal and professional goals.

Hospitality Management and Dietetics Undergraduate Program

Students may enroll in the Coordinated Program in Dietetics, which includes a supervised practice component, or the B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Human Nutrition Graduate Program

This department offers graduate degrees in human nutrition, as well as nutritional sciences, public health nutrition, public health physical activity and sensory analysis and consumer behavior emphasis areas.

Human Nutrition Undergraduate Program

The department offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in athletic training, nutritional sciences, nutrition and health and nutrition and kinesiology.

Master of Agribusiness

This is a distance education degree for food and agribusiness professionals.

Master of Public Health

This program is interdisciplinary, and is designed to prepare individuals to better address health issues on local, state, national and international levels.

Urban Food Systems Graduate Program

This program is a specialization under the Master of Science in Horticulture program, and studies the potential an urban food systems has in community building and economic development, educating youth and others about nutrition and wise food choices and providing a source for nutritious food grown locally or regionally with the participation of urban residents.

Training Programs and Sites

Beef Cattle Institute

The institute creates a collaborative environment to tackle today's and tomorrow's issues facing the beef industry through education, research and outreach.

Bioprocessing and Industrial Value Added Program

This program specializes in the development of biomaterials processing technology and utilizing agricultural-based materials to produce higher-value products for economic development.

Biosecurity Research Institute

The institute is a unique biocontainment research and education facility, supporting "farm-to-fork" infectious disease research programs that address threats to plant, animal and human health.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training

This program provides a broad, practical training program and helps commercial pesticide applicators meet the partial requirements for renewal certification.

Family Nutrition Program

Sponsored by USDA, this program provides nutrition education to individuals and families who receive food assistance or who are eligible to receive food assistance.

Food Science Institute

With nationally and internationally recognized faculty serving as teachers, mentors, researchers and extension specialists, this institute focuses food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, veterinary medicine, cereal science, dairy science, meat science, food service, sensory analysis, food engineering, human nutrition and product development.

Interdisciplinary Studies of Border and Food Security and Trade Policy

This program offers historical studies of border security, food security and trade policy.

International Grains Program

This program educates foreign business leaders and government officials about U.S. grains and oilseeds through technical training and assistance programs in grain storage and handling, milling, marketing and processing.

Training Programs and Sites

K-State Master Food Volunteer Program

This program provides knowledge to volunteers in the subject areas of food safety, food science, food preparation and food preservations.

K-State Olathe K-12 Education Programs

These programs support the six Johnson County public school districts in collaboratively developing, coordinating and participating in educational programs in animal health, food safety and security.

Management of Animal Health Related Organizations Certificate

This program teaches students to demonstrate an understanding of the functional areas of business and how each contributes to an effective business organization in the context of companies in the animal health corridor.

Master Gardener

Master Gardeners provide horticultural information in their communities through horticultural "hotlines," demonstration gardens, garden shows, public presentations, tours and more.

Meat Science

This program collaborates the efforts of livestock scientists, food chemists, food microbiologists, vet medicine specialists and social and economic scientists to solve industry-related issues in Kansas, nationally and internationally.

One Health Kansas

This program promotes awareness and understanding of the interconnections among human, animal and environmental health, focusing on emerging zoonotic diseases, globalization of the food system, blurring of the urban-suburban-rural interface and many related challenges affecting the health of Kansas children and adults.

Rapid Response Center

This center is a resource for Kansas State University Research & Extension Agents, providing topics including food science, human nutrition, food service, textiles, home care and other consumer topics.

ServSafe Employee Food Safety Training Program

This program is a national certification program designed to teach safe handling practices to foodservice employees and others who handle and serve food to the public.