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Range and Training Land Assessment (RTLA)

Researchers from GISSAL and the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering are contracted with the Fort Riley Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program to assist with the assessment of their military training lands.

Objectives of the monitoring effort include:

  • Continuously monitoring, assessing, and identifying trends in key indicators of military training land sustainability over appropriate time scales.
  • Rapidly analyzing monitoring data to ensure information is available when needed by military commanders and land managers.
  • Maximizing project effectiveness by employing proven methods to collect relevant data while using automated approaches for data processing, analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Examples of two monitoring products are shown below.  The map on the left represents the decadal trend in surface greenness at Fort Riley estimated through a time series analysis of 230 MODIS Terra 16 day NDVI composite images.  The map on the right is an estimate of aboveground biomass at Fort Riley from 2011 based on the linear relationship between Landsat 5 TM derived NDVI and field-measured biomass data.