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Department of Geology

Summary of the 2013-2014 Annual Progress Report on Assessment of Student Learning

The Department of Geology assessed five learning outcomes for AY2013-2014: knowledge of earth materials (SLO1); understanding of earth processes (SLO2); ability to apply geologic techniques (SLO3); understanding of career options (SLO4); competence in written and oral presentations (SLO5); and experience in networking and understanding of the need for public awareness (SLO8). Outcomes were assessed through multiple direct measures (SLO1, 2, 3 and 5), typically performance on specific assignments that addressed each outcome in a variety of advanced courses, and via an indirect survey method (SLO4 and 8) sent to all individuals who graduated with geology as their major during the assessment period.

For this assessment the survey (SLO4 and 8) was revised to allow respondents to check all that apply from a list of possible answers for student understanding or experience. This has emphasized those areas of understanding of career options (SLO4) at a proficient level or above (Petroleum and Economic Geology) compared to those at minimum level or above but below proficient understanding (Environmental Law and Engineering Geology). Overall, 46% of responses indicated an understanding for SLO4 at proficient level or above. In contrast, 72% proficient or higher level experience of networking and understanding of the necessity of public awareness (SLO8) is comparable to the upward trend shown in AY 2012-2013. Outcomes for SLO1, 2, 3 and 5 indicate student learning is maintained at a consistently high level compared with the previous assessment of these outcomes in AY2011-2012.

Student Learning Outcomes

Geoscience Major Student Learning Outcomes: To qualify for a B.S. degree in Geology, students will demonstrate:Their knowledge of earth materialsTheir understanding earth processesTheir ability to apply geologic techniquesTheir understanding of career options appropriate to their degree, both within and outside the field. Their competence in written and oral presentationsTheir ability to work well with othersTheir competence in information retrieval*Their experience in networking and understanding of the need for public awareness
Required Courses        
GEOL 502 MineralogyAAAXAXX*
GEOL 503 PetrologyAAAXAXX*
GEOL 520 Geomorphology AAAXAAX*
GEOL 581 Invertebrate Fossils AAAXAXA*
GEOL 530 Structural Geology AAAXXXA*
GEOL 560 Field MethodsAAAXXAA*
GEOL 615 Intro to GeochemistryAAAXAXX*
GEOL 640 Intro to GeophysicsAAAAXXA*
GEOL 630 Stratigraphy/SedimentologyAAAXAXA*
GEOL 680 Field GeologyAAAAXAA*
GEOL 750 Geologic Evolution of EarthAAAXAXA*
University Student Learning OutcomesKnowledgeCritical thinkingCommunicationDiversityAcademic & professional integrity   
GEOL 502 MineralogyAAAXX   
GEOL 503 PetrologyAAAXX   
GEOL 520 Geomorphology AAAXX   
GEOL 581 Invertebrate Fossils AAAXX   
GEOL 530 Structural Geology AAAXX   
GEOL 560 Field MethodsAAAXX   
GEOL 615 Intro to GeochemistryAAAXX   
GEOL 640 Intro to GeophysicsAAAXX   
GEOL 630 Stratigraphy/SedimentologyAAAXX   
GEOL 680 Field GeologyAAAXX   
GEOL 750 Geologic Evolution of EarthAAAXX