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Department of Geology

Dr. Bin Li

Ph.D., Southwestern Petroleum University, China
Email: binswpu@ksu.edu Office: 207 Thompson Hall

Dr. Bin Li, a visiting scholar from Southwestern Petroleum University in China joined the Department of Geology in May 2017.  Dr. Li, whose work is funded by the China Scholarship Council, will be working with Dr. Karin Goldberg for the next 12 months.  Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Li will focus on understanding the formation of deep, Cambrian carbonate reservoirs in the Tarim Basin, a major petroleum basin in China.  Their research aims to better understand the processes that control formation of these high quality reservoirs and to develop geological models that can guide exploration and optimize production in the Tarim Basin.


Dr. Bin Li

Dr. Bin Li and Dr. Karin Goldberg