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Department of Geology

Matthew F. Kirk

Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Email: mfkirk@ksu.edu, Office: 785-532-2616

Matt joined the department in 2013. He teaches introductory geology, geomicrobiology, and geochemical modeling. His research primarily focuses on geochemical and microbiological questions related to energy and water. Current studies in his research group include efforts to better understand fundamental environmental controls on aquifer microbial activity, controls on arsenic mobility in aquifers, impacts of human activities on stream water quality, and factors that influence biological formation of natural gas in unconventional reservoirs. Matt represents the department as an at-large member of the management board for the South-Central Section of the Geological Society of America.

Information about Matt's research publications is available here.

More information is available on Matt's personal website.

Dr. Kirk