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Department of Geology

Dr. Arash Kamari

Postdoc: Texas Tech University


Email: arashk@k-state.edu Office: 212B Thompson Hall

Arash is a Data Scientist whose interdisciplinary research unites study fields of geoscience, petroleum/chemical engineering, and computer science with an emphasis on maximizing oil and gas recovery from complex reservoirs. He concentrates in particular on naturally fractured reservoirs, methane hydrate reservoirs, and shale and tight reservoirs using innovative and modern techniques. His current research area focuses on data science and artificial intelligence, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods, reservoir simulation, and thermodynamics of reservoir fluids.  As a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University, Arash studied effects of rock pore sizes on the PVT properties of both oil and gas-condensate in Eagle Ford shale reservoir. Furthermore, Arash is currently a scientific editor, and active reviewer for more than ten leading journals in the field of petroleum science. Arash joined the Petroleum Geology and Exploration Seismology group in the Department of Geology at Kansas State University in August 2017.

Information about Arash's research publications is available here.

Dr. Arash Kamari