Awards and Honors

2014Congratulations to: 
 Jennifer Roozeboom, Shovon Barua, Anna Downey, Brien WilsonEach student successfully applied for research funding through the Geological Society of America!
 Jasper Hobbs, Brent CampbellBoth students received student research awards from AAPG!
 Aria LinaresAria was awarded a generous Timothy R. Donoghue Scholarship from K-State!
 Jasper HobbsJasper received a Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research Award for his igneous petrology research!
 Anna DowneyAnna received a research travel award from K-State Arts & Sciences that she will use to present research findings at a Geological Society of America regional meeting!
 Brien Wilson, Logan KellyBoth students were recognized with awards for their presentations in the K-State Research Forum!
 Pamela Kempton, Saugata DattaPamela and Saugata received a K-State International Incentives award to support an international workshop! The workshop will explore benefits of bringing the critical zone observatory paradigm to research at Konza Prairie.
 Michael VegaMichael received a K-State Arts & Sciences undergraduate research travel award!
 Jennifer RoozeboomJennifer received a conference travel award from the K-State graduate school to present Geochronology research at the North-Central Geological Society of America meeting!
 Gabriela VillaniGabriela received a K-State Arts & Sciences undergraduate research award for her work on coalbed methane in southeastern Kansas!
 Anna Downey, Logan Kelly, Megan WallEach student received generous scholarships for graduate research from the Kansas Geological Foundation!