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  • Stephen E. White

    Stephen E. White



    Professor of Geography
    • Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 1974 
    • M.S. University of Kentucky, 1972
    • B.S. University of Kentucky, 1969 
    Courses Taught:
    • Geography of the United States
    • World Regional Geography
    • World Population Patterns
    • Perception of Environment
    • Human Geography
    Research Activities:
    • Member of K-State Global Change in Local Places team
    • White, S.E., and D.E. Kromm. 1996. Appropriation and water rights issues in the High Plains Ogallala region. The Social Science Journal 33(4):437-450.
    • White, S.E. 1998 (forthcoming). Migration trends in the Kansas Ogallala region and the internal colonial dependency model. Rural Sociology 63:(2)253-271.
    • White, S.E. and D.E. Kromm. 1995. Local groundwater management effectiveness in the Colorado and Kansas Ogallala region. Natural Resources Journal 35:275-307.
    • White, S.E. 1994. Ogallala oases: Water use, population redistribution, and policy implications in the High Plains of Western Kansas, 1980-1990. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 84(1):29-45.
    • White, S.E. 1992. Population change in the High Plains Ogallala region: 1980-1990. Great Plains Research 2(2):179-198.
    • White, S.E. 1992. Interstate return migration: Regional differences and implications. The Social Science Journal 29(3):347-362.
    Research Interests:
    • Migration, regional development, groundwater issues
    Other Interests:
    • Hiking, travel, golf 

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    Kansas State University
    July 23, 2009