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Department of Geography





Dr. Doug Goodin
Director and Professor of Geography


Dr. Goodin's research activities and interests include:

  • Spatial complexity and patterning in landscapes
  • Biosphere/Climate interactions
  • Ecology of infectious diseases
  • Remote sensing and geospatial analysis





Rhett Mohler Research Associate


Degrees:  Ph.D., 2011, Kansas State University.

Academic Interests:  Geomorphology, remote sensing, statistical modeling.

Current Activities:  Studying burning in the Flint Hills and its relationship with air quality using remote sensing and object based classification.


Graduate Students



Kabita Ghimire Doctoral Student


Degrees:  M.A, 2006, Kansas State University.

Academic Interests:  Forestry, landscape ecology, advance spatial statistics and remote sensing.

Current Activities:  Application of GIS and remote sensing tools to develop a habitat based disease prediction model based on hantavirus study in Paraguay.