A. Professional Preparation

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO             Geography                   B.A., 1986
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL                 Geography                   M.A., 1989
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE                             Geography                   Ph.D., 1993


B. Appointments

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Kansas State University            1999-Present
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Kansas State University             1993-1999


C. Publications (i. 5 Most closely related to the proposed project)

Goodin, D.G. and Henebry, G.M.  1998.  Seasonality of finely-resolved spatial structure of NDVI and its component reflectances in tallgrass prairie.  International Journal of Remote Sensing 19: 3213-3220.

Goodin, D.G. and Henebry, G.M. 1997. A technique for monitoring ecological disturbance in tallgrass prairie using seasonal NDVI trajectories and a discriminant function mixture model. Remote Sensing of Environment 61:270-278.

Goodin, D.G., Peake, J., and Barmann, J. 1996. Analysis and modeling of the radiation budget and net radiation of a Sand Hills wetland. Wetlands 16:66-74.

Goodin, D.G. 1995. Evaluation of a combined modeling-remote sensing method for estimating net radiation in a wetland: a case study in the Nebraska Sand Hills, U.S.A. International Journal of Remote Sensing 16:1481-1494.

Goodin, D.G. 1994. The effect of viewing geometry on remotely sensed net radiation measurements for vegetated and non-vegetated surfaces. Physical Geography 15:557-572.


            (ii. 5 Other significant publications)

Hamerlynck E.P., Tuba Z., Csintalan Zs., Nagy Z., Henebry G., Goodin D. 2000. Diurnal variation in
            photochemical efficiency and surface reflectance of the desiccation tolerant moss, Tortula ruralis.  Plant
         Ecology. 151:55-63.

Goodin, D.G. 1995. Mapping the surface radiation budget and net radiation in a Sand Hills wetland using a combined modeling/remote sensing method and Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery.  Geocarto International 10:19-29.

Goodin, D.G., Han, L., Fraser, R.A., Rundquist, D.C., Stebbins, W.A., and Schalles, J.F. 1993. Analysis of suspended solids in water using remotely sensed high resolution derivative spectra. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 59:505-510

Goodin, D.G. and Rundquist, D.C. 1992. Estimating surface albedo in alpine tundra using Landsat Thematic Mapper and Digital Terrain data. International Archives of Remote Sensing 29:193-195.

Goodin, D.F., and Isard, S.A. 1989. Magnitude and sources of variation in albedo within and alpine tundra. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 40:61-66.  


D. Synergistic Activities

  1. Past-Director of the Remote Sensing Speciality Group of the Association of American Geographers, and current chair of the AAG-RSSG Communications Committee.

  2. Chair, LTER Climate Committee.

  3. Participant in the "Teaching Teachers with Technology" (T3) academy at Kansas State University.

  4. Developed three advanced graduate seminars at Kansas State University, in Remote Sensing/Digital Image Processing, Boundary Layer Climates, and Spatial Analysis and Modeling.

  5. Participated in Kansas State University Presidential Lecture Series.  Delivered non-technical talks to lay audiences on issues relating to climate change.


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