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Department of Geography

Dr. Kevin Blake

EducationPh.D., Arizona State University (1996)
Research InterestsCultural geography, symbolic landscapes, mountain geography, nature-society relationships, place identity, historical geography, American West
Courses TaughtGEOG 100 World Regional Geography
GEOG 300 Geography of Tourism
GEOG 510 Geography of the American West
GEOG 600 Mountain Geography
GEOG 770 Perception of the Environment
GEOG 870 Western Landscapes
Service ActivitiesK-State Book Network
Geography Graduate Program Committee
OfficeSeaton 120
Telephone(785) 532-3406
Fax(785) 532-7310
Short Bio SketchMedia Relations Link
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Kevin Blake

Dr. Blake's core areas of geographic research are in cultural geography and landscape, mountain geography and symbolism, and the American West.