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Department of Geography

Dr. John A. Harrington, Jr.

EducationPh.D., Michigan State University, 1980
Research InterestsClimate of the Great Plains; synoptic climatology; climate classification; climate change; human dimensions of global change; ecological climatology; natural resource applications of remote sensing and GIS; geographic education
Courses TaughtGEOG 235 Atmospheric Science
GEOG 460 Human Dimensions of Global Change
GEOG 535 Climatology
GEOG 735 Climate of the Great Plains
GEOG 760 Human Impacts on the Environment
GEOG 820 History and Philosophy of Geography
OfficeSeaton 0002
Telephone(785) 532-3405
Fax(785) 532-7310
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Dr. Harrington

Dr. Harrington's core areas of geographic research are in human-environment interactions, rural and regional geography, physical geography, and geospatial analysis and application.