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Department of Geography

Emeritus Faculty

NameContact InformationProfessional Preparation
Blake, Kevin
Emeritus Professor
kblake@k-state.eduPh.D., Arizona State University, 1996
Bussing, Charles E. Assoc. Emeritus Professor Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1968
De Bres, Karen
Emeritus Professor
karendb@k-state.eduPh.D., Columbia University, 1986
Kromm, David E.
Emeritus Professor
krommgeo@k-state.eduPh.D., Michigan State University
Seyler, H.L. (Sy)
Assoc. Emeritus Professor
jografer@kansas.netPh.D., Indiana University
Siddal, William R. Emeritus Professor Ph.D., University of Washington
Stacy, Karl
Emeritus Professor
 Ph.D., Clark University, 1955
Stover, Stephen L. Assoc. Emeritus Professor Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1960