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Department of Geography

Distinguished Geography Alumni

2015Mr. Jason SweetM.A., 2006Stantec
2014Dr. John GuinotteB.S., 1996; M.A., 1999Marine Biogeographer
Marine Conservation Institute
2013Mr. Jerry HoldenB.S., 1996; M.A., 1998Director of Conservation Programs
Ducks Unlimited
2012Dr. Holly BarcusPh.D., 2001Professor
Macalester College
2011Dr. Kay WellerM.A., 1990Professor
University of Northern Iowa
2010Mr. Jason SheeleyB.S., 1995Geographer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2009Mr. Steven KaleB.A., 1970 
2008Dr. Brad RundquistM.A., 1995; Ph.D., 2000Professor
University of North Dakota
2007Dr. Milton RaffertyB.S., 1960Emeritus Professor
Missouri State University
2006Dr. Patricia SolisM.A., 1996Senior Research Associate
Texas Tech University