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Professorial Performance Award, Kansas State University
National Councilor, AAG
Member, AAG Committee on the Status of Women in Geography
Member, LTER 2012 All-Scientist Meeting, Program Planning Committee
Kansas NSF EPSCoR Program Manager
Member, AAG Research Awards Committee
Coordinator, Kansas Geographic Alliance

Professorial Performance Award, Kansas State

Co-coordinator, Kansas Geographic Alliance

Chair, All-University GIScience Steering Committee, Kansas State

Member, National Academy of Science Workshop Steering Committee
Chair, Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Division of the AAG
Member, Assoc. of American Geographers Nominating Committee
Member, Assoc. of American Geographers Commission of College Geography
Climatology Editor, Physical Geography
Director, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Secondary Major, Kansas State
Director, Climate Specialty Group, AAG
Board of Directors, Applied Geography Conferences
Member, Remote Sensing Committee, Society for Range Management
Associate Director, Colorado Geographic Alliance Summer Institute
Honors Committee, Climate Specialty Group, AAG (Chair 87-93)
Director, Digital Mapping Laboratory, New Mexico State University
Remote Sensing Specialist, Conservation and Survey, University of Nebraska
Committee on Faculty Compensation, Oklahoma
Faculty Senate, Oklahoma
Chair, Vice-Chair, Geography Section - Oklahoma Academy of Science
Program Committee - 1982 AAG Meeting
Summer Research Scientist, Oklahoma Climatological Survey
Distinguished Faculty Award Committee, College of Social Sciences, Michigan State

Graduate Advisees - Ph.D.

2012    Gerike, Matthew, Ph.D. Dissertation:  "Explorations in Historiographies of Geographical Knowledges.

2009    Bowles, Erik H., Ph.D. Dissertation:  "Classifying Heatwaves in the United States.

2009    Ndyiae, Ramatoulaye., Ph.D. Dissertation:  "Geographic Information Science:  Contribution to Understanding Salt and Sodium Affected Soils in the

                Senegal River Valley." 

2001    Leathers, Nancy J., Ph.D. Dissertation: “A Furnace Wind Climatology for the Central United States.”

2001    Marzen, Luke J., Ph.D. Dissertation; “An Analysis of Vegetation Change and Rehabilitation Approaches after the 1980 Eruption of

                Mount St. Helens ” (L.M.B. Harrington, Co-advisor)

2000    Hutchinson, J.M. Shawn, Ph.D. Dissertation: “Estimating Tallgrass Prairie Soil Moisture Using Active Satellite Microwave Imagery

                and Optical Sensor Inputs.”

1994    Yan, Yuk. Y., Ph.D. Dissertation: "Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Weather Stress Indicies of Indiana." (J.E. Oliver, Co-advisor)

1993    Repic, Randall L., Ph.D. Dissertation: "An Assessment of Spectral Response Curves for Coal Strip Mine Lakes in Southwestern Indiana."

Graduate Advisees - M.A.

2013    Howard, Ian.  "A Synoptic Climatology of Nocturnal Rainfall Events during May, June, and July for Northeast Kansas."

2012    Neufer, Savannah.  "Toward a Sustainable Heartland: Contrasting Future Agricultural Scenarios in Kansas."

2011    Tabor, Lisa K.  "Using Geography to Help Teach History:  Dual-Encoding History Lesson Plans."

2011    Wilson, Iris.  Perceptions of Climate and Environmental Change in Northcentral Kansas."

2011    Walterscheid, Steven.  "Climate Classification for the Earth's Oceanic Areas using the Köppen System."

2010    Robichaux, Rex.  "Correlating Climate with Late-Winter Wetland Habitat in the Rainwater Basin, South-Central Nebraska."

2009    Burkitt, J. Beau.  "Alternative Futures for the Northern Flint Hills:  Scenarios Provided by Hydrologic Modeling.

2008    Patterson, Judd.  "An Analysis of Spring Bird Migration Phenology in Kansas.

2008    Peterson, Rorik.  "GIS-based Scenarios for the Reorganization of Kansas Counties.

2006    Rice, Charlene.  "Analysis of Growth and Land Use Changes in Topeka, Kansas." 

2004    Bowles, Erik H., “An Applied Climatology of Heat Stress Events in the Central United States: A Spatial and Temporal Assessment Using the

                Temperature-Humidity Index.”

2003    Zimney, Michael S., “Hierarchical Diffusion of Geographic Information Systems in Kansas”

2002    Kroemer, Ryan M., “Assessing Aquifer Vulnerability in Phelps County, Nebraska and Finney County, Kansas Using DRASTIC and LPI Indicies” 

2002    Wood, M. James, “Spatial and Statistical Analysis of Palmer’s Climatic Instability Index”

2001    Frank, Katrina L., “Potential Effects of Warm Season Climate Change on Livestock Production in the United States ”

1999    Guinotte, John, “A Model for Predicting Coral Reef Habitats in the Tropical Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific”

1999    Blocker, James, “An Examination of Remotely Sensed Derived Vegetation Indexes and Maneuver Damage at Fort Riley, Kansas”

1998    Holden, Gerold, I., Jr., “Impact of Increased Atmospheric CO2 on the Greening of the Sand-Sage Prairie, Finney County Kansas”

1997    Hutchinson, J.M. Shawn, “RADAR Backscatter - Soil Moisture Relationships over Tall Grass Prairie”

1997    Wardlow, Brian D., “Temporal Monitoring of Suspended Sediment Patterns Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery -

                A Study of Tuttle Creek Reservoir, Kansas”

1994    Doering, David. E.,  "Geographic Perspectives of Sand Dune Stability at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore"

1994    Peters, W. Ted, "An Evaluation of Special Transforms for Improving the Vegetation Classification for the Gap Analysis Project in Indiana."

1994    Foster, Scott P., "The Utilization of Two Raingauge Networks for Modeling Flooding Along the Little Washita River, October 17-21, 1983."

1992    Bierly, Gregory D., "A Climatology of Transition Season Colorado Cyclones: 1961-1990."

1991    Johnson (DeSmidt), Amy M., "Principal Component Analysis of Landsat TM Data for Water Quality Assessment."

1984    Walsh, Michael F., "Spatial and Temporal Transfer of Classification Algorithms Developed for Landsat MSS Digital Data.

1984    Cartin, Kevin F., "The Digital Image Analysis System: Microcomputer Software For Digital Processing of Landsat Data."

1984    Brown, Brock J., "A Synoptic Climatology of Bimodality in Warm Season Precipitation Profiles From Central North America."

1981    Barrios, Eduardo A., "A Multivariate Statistical Taxonomy of the Climate of Venezuela."

1981    Cantwell, Hal D., "The Changing Phytosociology of the Oak-Hickory Forest of the Ozark Mountains of Oklahoma."

1980    Dunn, Charles W., Jr., "Identifying the Prairie-Forest Transition Using Remote Sensing: A Comparative Analysis."

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