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  • David E. Kromm

    David E. Kromm


    Emeritus Professor
    • Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1967 
    • M.A. Michigan State University, 1964 
    • B.S. Eastern Michigan University, 1960 
    Courses Taught:
    • World Regional 
    • Geography of Natural Resources 
    • Geography of Former Soviet Lands 
    • Geography of Water Resources
    Research Activities:
    • Member of K-State Human Environment Regional Observatory Team
    • Working with colleagues at the University of Lethbridge on a project to determine the process of adoption of water saving techniques by irrigators in Alberta.
    • Kromm, D.E., and S.E. White. 1992. Groundwater Exploitation in the High Plains, Lawrence: University Press of Kansas.
    • Kromm, D.E., and S.E. White. 1995. Local groundwater management effectiveness in the Colorado and Kansas Ogallala region, Natural Resources Journal 18(4): 451-458.
    • Kromm, D.E., and S.E. White. 1995. Who should manage the High Plains Aquifer? The irrigators perspective, Water Resources Bulletin 31(4):715-727.
    • Kromm, D.E., and S.E. White. 1996. Appropriation and Water Rights Issues
      in the High Plains Ogallala Region, Social Science Journal 33:437-450.
    • Kromm, D.E., and S.E. White. 1996. Changing Patterns of Irrigation in the
      American High Plains, Arid Ecosystems 2:88-94.
    • Kromm, D.E. and S.E. White. 2001. Regional Change in the American
      Ogallala High Plains. Chapter 5 of K. Kim, I. Bowler, and C. Bryant, eds., Developing Sustainable Rural Systems, Pusan: Pusan National University
      Press. 67-74.
    • Kromm, David E., Tom Johnston, James Byrne, 2001, On-Farm Water Conservation Practices in Southern Alberta, Journal of the American Water Resources Association 37(3):737-750.
    • NASA Research Grant; 1996-1998
    • NIGEC Research Grant; 1996-1998
    • NSF Research Grant; 2000-2004
    Research Interests:
    • Water resources and natural resource management, especially water use in semiarid regions of North America.
    Other Interests:
    • Photography, travel, camping, genealogy
    • Kansas State University Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award; 1972
    • Elected Associate Fellow, Center for Great Plains Studies, Lincoln, NE; 1982
    • Journal of Geography Outstanding Article Award for 1987
    • William Stamey Outstanding Teacher Award; 1990, 1995, and 1996
    • Association of American Geographers (AAG) Teacher/Scholar, 1994-Present
    • National Council for Geography Education Distinguished Teaching Award; 1994
    • AAG John Fraser Hart Award for Research Excellence; 1997
    • Kansas State University Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Scholar for 1999

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    Kansas State University
    August 28, 2002