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Department of Geography

Scholarship Descriptions and Past Winners

White Geography Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

This annual award, formerly known as the Distinguished Graduate Assistantship Award, is presented to the geography graduate student for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant. 

2016Christy Jean 2002 

Mary Dobbs
Nathan Kettle

2015Heidi Mehl 2001

Johnny Coomansingh

2014Claire Ruffing
William Wetherholt

Luke Marzen

2013Kyleen Kelly 1999

Nancy Leathers

2012Tyra Olstad 1998

Eric Parr

2011Ryan Bergstrom 1997

Thomas Schafer

2010James Wells 1996

Brian Wardlow

2009Tom Vought 1995

Bradley Rundquist

2008Sumo Reddy 1994

Alex Diniz

2007Keela Andrews
Rorik Peterson

Rich Lissitschenko

2006Larry Scott Deaner 1992

Randy Rose

2005Will Breitkreutz 1990

Tom Mettille

2004Tracy Brown
Misty Gruener

Bryan Tucker

2003John Archer
Nathan Kettle