Scholarship Descriptions and Past Winners

Huber Self Geography Scholarship

The Self Scholarship is supported by alumni and friends of the Department of Geography and is bestowed in the name of Professor Emeritus Huber Self.  Professor Self retired in 1980 after having devoted more than 33 years of his professional life to the advancement of geography at KSU.  He has authored textbooks and atlases on the Geography of Kansas and numerous articles in professional journals.

2013Megan McHaney   
2012Neal Rasmussen 1996

Matthew Barnes

2011Adam Rezner 1995

Terra Lockhart

2010Courtney Estes 1994

John McKenzie

2009Aleks Spangler 1993

Jason Sheeley

2008Nicole Wayant 1992

Corey Werner

2007Nicole Wayant 1991

Aaron Bohrer

2006Iris Wilson 1990

Craig Walters

2005Clancy Jensen 1989

Craig Hoffman

2004Matthew John 1988

Margaret Clark

2003Bradley Hammerschmidt 1987

Janice Hanger

2002Bradley Hammerschmidt 1986

John Turner

2001Ryan Caviglia 1985

Virgil Wiebe

2000Tiffany Dean 1984

Karl Forge

1999Mary Dobbs 1983

Daniel Hammel

1998Stacy Meredith 1982

Jane Johnson
Johnna Jones

1997Scott Yungeberg 1981

Stanley Wilds