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Department of Geography

Scholarship Descriptions and Past Winners

Marston Muddy Boots Scholarship

The Marston Muddy Boots Scholarship (formerly the Rumsey Bissell Marston Scholarship) was established to support graduate students in Geography at Kansas State University who are pursuing theses or dissertations centered in physical geography.  The scholarship honors the memory of R.B. Marston, a lifelong educator, who attributed his achievements to hard work, a positive outlook, self-confidence, and effective mentoring.  Projects must involve a significant level of well-conceived fieldwork. 

Preferably, the project should explore one of the following two themes: 1) separate human effects on the environment from changes that would have occurred without human interference; and/or 2) explain the integration between geomorphology, hydrology and other biophysical processes.   The lack of other sources of direct financial support for the student’s thesis/dissertation will also be considered. 

2016Emily Mellicant (Kansas State Univ) 2000

Randa Hope (Oklahoma State Univ)

2015Emily Mellicant (Kansas State Univ)
Nick Patch (Kansas State Univ)

Robin Gray (Univ of Wyoming)
Andy Massey (Univ of Wyoming)

2014Bryce Marston (Kansas State Univ) 1998

Jon Ferree (Univ of Wyoming)

2013Kyleen Kelly (Kansas State Univ) 1997

Doug Norsby (Univ of Wyoming)

2012Claire Ruffing (Kansas State Univ) 1996

Sarah Marshall (Univ of Wyoming)

2011Katie Costigan (Kansas State Univ) 1995

Kevin Bayer (Univ of Wyoming)


Kabita Ghimire (Kansas State Univ)
Brandon Weihs (Kansas State Univ)


Kevin McNamara (Univ of Wyoming)

2008Ben Meade (Kansas State Univ) 1993

Jay Newton (Univ of Wyoming)

2007Nicholas Graf (Kansas State Univ) 1992

David Wick (Univ of Wyoming)

2005Ranbir Kang (Oklahoma State Univ) 1990

Jack Mills (Univ of Wyoming)

2004Chris Adcock (Oklahoma State Univ) 1989

Marjorie Varuska (Univ of Wyoming

2003Dale Splinter (Oklahoma State Univ) 1988

Larry Dolan (Univ of Wyoming)

2002Chris Neel (Oklahoma State Univ) 1987

Allen Miller (Univ of Wyoming)

2001Barbara Pickup (Oklahoma State Univ)
Jerrod Smith (Oklahoma State Univ)

Marc Gillespie (Univ of Wyoming)