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Department of Geography

Scholarship Descriptions and Past Winners

Steve Kale Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Steve Kale Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides support for the conduct of a research project in close association with a research mentor. The fellowship is named in honor of Steve Kale, a native Kansan and Geography alumnus, and his goal of supporting student research in geography.


Colin Bailey (Dr. Jida Wang)
Justin Jones (Dr. Jida Wang)
Abbey Marcotte (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
Michael Molloy (Dr. Bimal Paul)


Colin Bailey (Dr. Jida Wang)
Katia Chavira (Dr. Jeff Smith)
Nick Meng (Dr. Francesco Orsi)
Takuto Urano (Dr. Jida Wang)
Allison Walker (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)
Jakob Whitson (Dr. Doug Goodin)