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Department of Geography

Scholarship Descriptions and Past Winners

Steve Kale Graduate Fellowship

The Steve Kale Graduate Fellowship provides funds to support ambitious and high-caliber research conducted as part of a thesis or dissertation.  The focus of the Kale Fellow should be entirely on these research activities while the fellowship is held. Each Kale Fellow will present a research colloquium to the Department of Geography during Fall semester following the fellowship.  The fellowship is named in honor of Steve Kale, a native Kansan and Geography alumnus, and his goal of supporting student research in geography.

2017PhD:  Fangfang Yao (Dr. Jida Wang)
MA:  Meng Ding (Dr. Jida Wang)
2016PhD:  Bohua Ling (Dr. Doug Goodin)
MA:  Emily Mellicant (Dr. Kendra McLauchlan)