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Department of Geography

Scholarship Descriptions and Past Winners

William D. Grimm Memorial Scholarship

The William D. Grimm Memorial Scholarship is given to an undergraduate geography major.  The award honors William Grimm, a 1986 Kansas State geography major, who was killed in action on January 31, 1991, during the Persian Gulf War.

Additional information about this scholarship, including an application form and current submission deadline can be found on our Forms page.

2016Caelan Blair 2005Sean Winkler
2015Katia Chavira 2004Rorik Peterson
Kortney Steinhurst
2014Hunter Rose 2003John Eddy
Derek George
2013Scott McConaghy 2002Fletcher Jacobs
John Persley
2012Caleb Wilson 2001Andrew Elmore
2011Ben Detrixhe 2000

James Clark

2010Aleks Spangler 1999

Stacy Meredith

2009Terry O'Connor 1997

Bonnie Linxwiler

2008Jake Galyon 1996

Brian Smith

2007Rex Robichaux 1995

Chris Henrie

2006Clancy Jensen
Iris Wilson

Jennifer Barmann


Aaron Bohrer