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Kansas State University


Place-based Research in the Antilles:  The Second Bowman Expedition


The Second Bowman Expedition of the American Geographical Society (AGS), focusing on the island nations of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, supports the AGS commitment to inform the public and governments about foreign geography in support of better policy making. This project, along with the initial expedition to Mexico in 2006 and 2006 (Mexico Indigena) seeks to help accomplish the AGS vision of sending field teams to every country in the world to gather geographic information, conduct place-based research, and combat geographic ignorance.

Following the highly successful Mexico Indigena effort, a partnership led by the American Geographical Society has been awarded funds to conduct fieldwork throughout the Antilles Region. Kansas State University has accepted primary responsibility for building and maintaining a multi-resolution, open source GIS database for the entire Antilles Region.  Virginia Tech will conduct a comparative analysis of water resource issues in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  LSU will focus on land-use and land cover dynamics as they relate to tourism, the dominant economic sector in the Leeward segment of the Lesser Antilles.  Miami and Hofstra Universities will compare and contrast rural economic conditions, land use change, and job prospects in three independent countries of the southern Lesser Antilles.  Indiana University will conduct field-based research to investigate the consequences of rapid urbanization in Trinidad and rapid coastal zone tourism-related development in Tobago.  The University of Kansas will coordinate the effort among participants, report to AGS, and interface onsite with the sponsor.

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Antilles Bowman Expedition Website Updated November 18, 2008

Regional GIS Server Application Upgraded and Reactivated November 17, 2008

Project GIS websites are back online September 10, 2007

Beta Regional GIS Server Application Available August 23, 2007

Antilles Bowman Expedition Website Online August 22, 2007

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