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Gary W. Conrad, Ph.D., Director

John M. Tomich, Ph.D., and Ruth Welti, Ph.D., Co-Directors


Post-translational/post-synthetic modifications of proteins, lipids, polysaccharides, and other classes of molecules often determine the biological activities of the entire macromolecule. Such modifications very often consist of O-, and/or N-linked glycosylations, some of which can be very large. Some glycosylation reactions occur very rapidly, alternating with phosphorylation events at those same sites. The Glycomics Center therefore has chosen to study glycosylation of molecules in particular, but also other structural modifications that often are or may be related to glycosylation  biosynthetically (e.g., O-GlcNAc alternating with phosphorylation) or structurally (e.g., receptor molecules that react with specific glycosylated groups).

Currently, the Glycomics Center consists of a group of investigators in several departments at Kansas State University interested in sharing their expertise with one another in studies of post-translational/post-synthetic modifications, especially (but not exclusively) glycosylation and glycosylation-related cross-linking. 


Two programs in the Glycomics Center are underway:


1)  The Glycomics Center is submitting grant applications seeking funds for purchase of high-end instrumentation which will be housed in a central facility in Ackert Hall on the campus of Kansas State University.  Such instruments will include mass spectrometers and laser capture microdissection devices, for example. Those faculty who participate in writing these applications by submitting text information required by granting agencies will receive priority for analysis time on the instruments that are purchased if these applications are successful. More participating faculty are welcome to join us. Contact us below.

2)  The Glycomics Center has initiated a discussion group (“Glycomics Focus Group”) that will meet for 1 hour each month to discuss research topics. An initial meeting to allow interested faculty to introduce themselves to one another and take 5 min maximum to describe their research interests that may be relevant to the Glycomics Center will occur on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007, at NOON in AK 107.


Subsequent Tuesday meetings of the Glycomics Focus Group are scheduled for: Feb. 13, Mar. 6, Apr. 3, and May 1.


The Glycomics Center will add other features to its homepage as funding allows.  If you are interested in participating in writing grant applications and/or in the Glycomics Focus Group, feel free to join us at the days and times above.


For information, contact Yuntao Zhang, Ph.D., operational manager of instrumentation in the Glycomics Center:  ytz@ksu.edu



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