Kansas State University Functional Genomics Consortium

Focus Groups

You are invited to attend one (or all) of the four newly created focus groups at K-State! The four focus groups are:

3-D Protein Structure       Glycomics       Lipidomics       Proteomics

The purpose of the focus groups are to provide an environment in which we can utilize the many skills available at K-State to solve complex biological problems. The focus group meetings will consist of a mix of presentations of problems, presentation of bioinformatics methods, and discussions about how new methods can be applied to solve your biological problems. For example discussions will cover: proteins, lipids, polysaccharides, carbohydrate modifications, use of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry and much more. The idea is to bring together people from various departments with common interests.

These focus groups are not intended to be a seminar series! The main purpose is to help K-Staters in their research efforts by promoting interaction among the many talented people and facilitating use of the state-of-the-art equipment already in existence at K-State.

Please feel free to attend these ONE HOUR, ONCE A MONTH meetings.  Please contact the group Facilitator to be added to the mailing list for desired groups.

Group: Facilitator: Email:
3-D Protein Structure R. Krishnamoorthi krish@ksu.edu
Lipidomics Richard Jeannotte richardj@ksu.edu
Glycomics Gary W. Conrad gwconrad@ksu.edu
Proteomics John Tomich jtomich@ksu.edu

The Functional Genomics Consortium is funded by the K-State's Targeted Excellence Program.