Kansas State University Functional Genomics Consortium

Consortium members:

Please note: If you use the services of the FGC to obtain data, please acknowledge the contribution of FGC in your publications as follows: "The analyses described in this work were performed at the (insert lab name) and supported by the Functional Genomics Consortium initiative of Kansas State University’s Targeted Excellence program." 

Member: Division/Department: Role/Project:
Michael Kanost Biochemistry Chair of Steering Committee; Functional genomics of insect exoskeleton and hemolymph.
Ruth Welti Biology KLRC Analytical Laboratory research associate mentor; Database research associate co-mentor; Steering Committee member.
John Tomich Biochemistry KSU Biotechnology Proteomics Facility research associate mentor; Steering Committee member; Transmembrane helix secondary structure.
Om Prakash Biochemistry Biomolecular NMR Facility research associate mentor; Steering Committee member.
Susan Brown Bioinformatics (Biology) Database research associate co-mentor; Steering Committee member.
Gary W. Conrad Biology Steering committee member; Fibroblast differentiation during corneal development.
Eric Maatta Chemistry Steering committee member; Characterization of functionalized polyoxometalates.
Frank Blecha Anatomy and Physiology Steering committee member; Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial peptides.
Barry Bradford Animal Science & Industry
Stefan Bossman Chemistry Developing new strategies for tuberculosis treatment.
Stephen Keith Chapes Biology Bacterial lipids as targets of host immune response during infection.
Sherry D. Fleming Biology Identification of membrane lipids involved in ischemia-reperfusion-induced tissue injury.
Roman Ganta Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology Molecular evaluation of vector-borne pathogen infections.
Karen Garrett Plant Pathology
Keith B. Gido Biology Identifying trophic relationships of aquatic organisms.
Duy H. Hua Chemistry Polymers from triglycerides.
R. Krishnamoorthi Biochemistry Catalytic domain of human coagulation factor XII.
J. Ernest Minton Animal Sciences and Industry Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on inflammatory conditions of domestic animals and humans.
Clare Nelson Plant Pathology
Brenda Oppert USDA/Grain Mkt. & Production Research Center
Vara Prasad Agronomy
Sundeep Rayat Chemistry Pathway of neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease.
Xiuzhi Susan Sun Grain Science & Industry Polymers from triglycerides.
Dolores Takemoto Biochemistry Protein kinase C gamma and connexin gap junction disassembly.
Larry Takemoto Biology Identification of post-translational modifications of lens proteins in human cataracts.
Masaaki Tamura Anatomy & Physiology Identification of tumor markers in early stage of lung carcinogenesis by proteomics analysis.
Mark C. Ungerer Biology The genetic basis of natural intra-specific variation in freezing tolerance.
Weiqun Wang Human Nutrition Weight control, cell signaling, and cancer prevention; Cancer prevention by phytochemicals.
Anna Whitfield Plant Pathology
Carol Wyatt Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology Identification of host proteins made by alveolar macrophages infected with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus.
Yuntao Zhang Biology Glycomics
Rachel Zufferey Biochemistry Phospholipid biogenesis in the human protozoan parasite Leishmania m