Kansas State University Functional Genomics Consortium


Large scale efforts to understand gene function "where the rubber meets the road", at the level of protein and metabolite function, are of highest priority to national funding agencies. K-State has a strong group of scientists both developing and utilizing the newest strategies, including lipidomics, glycomics, proteomics, and structural proteomics, to understand the function of many genes of medical and agricultural importance. The Functional Genomics Laboratories at K-State, including the KSU Biotechnology Proteomics Facility, the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center Analytical Laboratory, and the Biomolecular NMR Facility have been successful in obtaining over $2 million in external funding for instrumentation in 2005.

This Functional Genomics Consortium capitalizes on the strength of our programs and facilities, seeking to enhance the ability of K-Staters to facilitate and carry out research into gene function at the protein and metabolite levels. The Consortium will work to create an atmosphere of productive excitement at K-State, leading to increased utilization of functional genomics strategies for both small and large biological problems. One component of the Consortium's program includes improving the user interface to the Laboratories by adding research associates who will interact extensively with users, providing user support and education. Focus groups, workshops, and symposia will bring K-Staters together to learn and explore new approaches. Means for Laboratory users to acquire preliminary data without fees will be provided. K-State's exposure in the scientific community will be enhanced by its development of a major web-based database, LipidomeDB.

The Functional Genomics Consortium is funded by the K-State's Targeted Excellence Program.